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See a list of UC San Diego's Link family of Web-based administrative systems and link directly to the systems.


The Link family is an integrated Web-based environment that provides authorized UC San Diego students, faculty and staff with consistent and easy-to-use access to administrative information.

Offers Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs) and campus users a central source for maintaining security and access information for the campus systems.

Offers access to UC San Diego budget and staffing records, as well as Online Transfer of Funds (OLTF) information.

Provides faculty and staff with access to the campus Data Warehouse for adhoc reporting needs.

Allows staff to perform merit and timekeeping processes and to dynamically generate reports on payroll and employee data.

Provides access to campus maps, buildings, space inventory, as-built drawings, and floor plans.

Allows faculty and staff to process financial transactions, forecast expenses, and generate reports with extensive drill-downs.

Links to UC San Diego job listings, recruitment information, and procedures for current employees, managers, and applicants.

Staff can easily retrieve data from UC San Diego's Data Warehouse by clicking the Queries button on EmployeeLink, FinancialLink, DataLink, and StudentLink.

Allows students access to their student account, classes, grades and course information.

怎样可以上国外网站 (replaces TravelLink)
Staff can create trips, request traveler/ vendor accounts, create payments and report business travel expenses.


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  • Classes, training guides, and other information.
  • Link Family FAQ

Note: this page has a friendly link that’s easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/linkfamily

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